aha app has List of best Kollywood action movies.
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aha app has List of best Kollywood action movies.

Do you enjoy watching action-filled movies? Are action sequences your favorite part of the movie for you? Do you wait for the entire movie to watch the intense power play between the leads? Then you must watch the best Kollywood action movie.

You will experience a few of the best Indian movies for action sequences and power play movies that are produced by the Kollywood industry. You can stream all these movies from the different genres on the trending OTT platform aha.

The action movies of the Kollywood industry are not just popular as they have the best action sequences but also because they have the best plot that goes simultaneously with the action. Most of the movies also have a romantic or emotional angle to them.


Plot of Trigger

The Storyline of the movie Trigger is about a son who is trying to save his father. His father was put in a tight spot due to a kidnapping case that took place. The situation was quite a stressful event for both the father and son duo.

Watch the movie Trigger to know how the son takes his father out of this difficult situation. There are several intense action sequences that are placed throughout the movie. Viewers tend to enjoy the plot of this series immensely.


Plot of suttupidikkautharavu

The people of a crowded colony located in Coimbatore City experience a very excruciating and vulnerable time as a bunch of goons enter the society. The goons who have entered the colony are armed, and they have gathered in the village to escape from the clutches of the cop.

The movie begins with a kickstart that most viewers enjoy. There is an intense power play and hustle between the goons and the villagers in the village that is noticed. If you are someone who enjoys watching coup, then definitely watch this movie. 

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Do you like watching powerplay? Do you like movies that have bloodshed and impactful action sequences? Action movies are best produced by the Kollywood industry. If you want to get the full list of movies belonging to the action genre, then you must hop onto the movies app, aha. You can watch all kinds of action movies on the platform.